Almost Acoustic Christmas

Stories, LP, and Drawings.

Sorry I haven't been online lately. Mostly been busy trying to work on stories on here. It's too long, so it's taking me a while to write it up. Whoops. It's a good few chapters long, and by a "few", I mean I'm coming close to 15 longer-than-5-pages-on-Word chapters.

Also: I've been thinking about starting an LP of either Metroid: Other M or Pokemon Colosseum. I'd probably wait until this ACTA, SOPA, & PIPA shit dies down, so it won't be in the next few months. Probably June/July. Won't be anything too fuckin' fancy. Hahaha. But to quote my friend, "everyone's first LP's always shit." I'll believe it. XD

Drawings! Right!! Been working on some character sheets for some friends and a contest winner from deviantART. Mostly having shit trouble, though, since GIMP's a bitch sometimes and crashes on me. Fuck.


Almost Acoustic Christmas


How're are you, Whovians? I mention Whovians, cause I've been on a Doctor Who/Torchwood kick lately. XD;

Anyway, I know I haven't updated this here journal in a while. I blame college. This semester's been REAL stressful lately, and I'm ready to commit artist suicide. @_@ Damn art classes. Though there IS an upside to all of this! I don't have Winter classes, just Spring. So that's always great. I have a boyfriend now (who makes me grin like a dork AND watches Doctor Who, so LET THE WIBBLY-WOBBLY, TIMEY WIMEY JOKES BEGIN!).
I know I promised shadow_hive I was gonna post up a fan fic for his birthday. Hope you don't wanna kill me, Stu. ;__; I lost the USB drive where it was saved in, and I don't wanna re-write it, cause I don't really remember it. I'll write you a new one for Christmas!! ;___; *Feels like a terrible friend*
Not to mention the student!Mikey/teacher!Gerard fanfic I was working on for katiexrawr</lj>, but that didn't end too well (again, I'm blaming college). DON'T WORRY, I'LL POST UP THE TEXT FAN FIC I'M WORKING ON. ;) YOU know which one...
I turned 20 last Tuesday. Yay. That's always fun. So, I'm not a teen anymore. *flails arms*
Uhm...what else is going on...? OH! I'm working on a comic with a friend of mine from my Drawing Fundamentals II class! Though, we have NO idea how to write a comic script. XD;

ANYWAY, that's all I got. :/ Sorry!
(I SHOULD be working on my Drawing homework...HAHAHAHAHAHA)

Almost Acoustic Christmas

He'll Be in Our Memories

In case you didn't know, my good friend Jeff (That's zombieloid) passed away this Saturday. Tomorrow would've been his birthday. I don't know how his husband's holding up, but he's a strong guy.

I didn't know Jeff too well when he started writing to me on here. We'd talk a bit and that was it. Later on, we talked on AIM and joked around via text over stupid little things, fan fiction ideas, and possibly stalking MCR (that last one was a total joke). He was a terrific guy, very funny who'd go a little nuts when it came to MCR.

What happened to him...he didn't deserve the awful things that had occured to him. And even though he was a pessimist, he still kept hope over certain things. Mostly keeping hope in his husband's well-being.

I wish I knew the specifics in what happened, but I think it's best to think he passed away in peace.

So, good-bye, Jeff. And happy birthday, you crazy mother fucker...where ever you are.

Almost Acoustic Christmas

MCR @ the Honda Civic Tour - Anaheim - 10-01-11

Hi hi all!

It's been a while since I've written anything here. Whoops. Anyway, as the title says, I went to this past Saturday's HCT tour date. I didn't stick around for blink-182, cause I was too tired, but I stayed for Matt and Kim and MCR...obviously.

You can see the photos I took here. Not the greatest pictures in the world, but I tried.

Japanese opening (you can watch that here)
Na Na Na
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
Planetary (GO!)
The Only Hope For Me is You
Our Lady of Sorrows
Famous Last Words
Welcome to the Black Parade
Cancer (Which I cried SO hard during that even the security guards were asking if I was okay)

Speaking of making a fool of myself: If you skip to about 30 seconds in, on the screen next to the band, you can see me in my pink ass mask and putting my head down in shame! :D


Almost Acoustic Christmas

Triforce Rumor Story...thing...

So, when I was a young lass, I used to pass the time on zee internets reading up stories and rumors of how to get the fabled Triforce in Ocarina of Time.

Now, alot of them were obviously made up and super silly, but there was one that really stood out to me. It was almost a sort of fan fiction. Sort of.

I don't remember the exact details, but I think it went something like you defeat Ganon, then some shit hits the fan and you're sent to a sort of alternate Hyrule, where it was fucked up cause of Ganondorf's magic or something of that business. I mean, this person went SUPER into detail over getting new items and new powers, ect. and I can't find it cause it was so damn good and stupidly well written.

If anyone can help me find it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

(BTWay, most I remember is Life Mountain. I don't know why.)


Sheik behind


It's been so long since I've last written a journal here (oops), but I thought I should at LEAST update or something of that nature.
  • I got a 3DS last week. Yay. I bought it, took it out of the package and found out the right speaker doesn't work. I called up GameStop, asking if I could refund it and they pretty much said LOL NO YOU GOTTA SEND IT TO NINTENDO TO FIX. *le sigh* Upside: It works with earphones. Yay.
  • I got Ocarina of Time 3D today. It's my childhood on the mothereffin' go! :D That's always a huge plus. Now, just to wait for Skyward Sword and a possible Majora's Mask remake... >:)
  • I started up college again. Yay. Though, afternoon classes can suck it. Especially with how hot it's been lately. Still. Plus: My Drawing Fundamentals 2 teacher looks a bit like Morgan Freeman. It's a bit distracting...
  • I'm working on 3 fan fictions at the moment (4 if you count jotting down ideas). One of which I owe katiexrawr cause she so nicely wanted one...about a month ago. XD I'M SORRY, KATIE!!!!
  • I met a pretty awesome dude via KJ RPing. And he's cute. And really nice. So there's that. What's not so nice is that he lives on the East Coast and he's 26. *Feels like jailbait all of a sudden*
  • I'm going to another MCR show next month! :D At the Honda Civic Center in Anaheim, cause my friend's mom (bless her) gave me her pit ticket in exchange for taking care of her kid in the pit. YAY! I'LL DO IT!!
  • I'm working on some personal artness. Including one nude piece of myself...which I thought I'd never do. Cause it's weird. It's not to show off zee bod (hahaha. all the fat that comes with it too), but it's more to show when I'm feeling super vulnerable. Bottom line, I'm never showing this piece to my parents. EVER.

  • Anyway, I think that's all I have to report? Yeah. So
    Be seeing you.

    PS: It was 94 today. I HATE LA SOMETIMES.
Almost Acoustic Christmas

Selling my DSi

Since I'm short on cash for paying for my art classes in college and art supplies in general, I'm selling my DSi. It's in semi-excellent condition. It's a bit dusty, but not TOO bad. It's already got a few games downloaded from DSiWare, you just gotta re-download them. It's just the system and the charger, just as an FYI.
I'm selling it for $110.
Please contact me if you're interested.
Almost Acoustic Christmas

See? Not a Sad Post!

Not sad, but wanty.

Anyway, I really DO hate being one of THOSE people, but...I'm in need of some Pokemon. XD;
Specifically: Pichu, Pidgey, Gastley, Gabite, and a Miltank. (If I wanted to get specific: A piplup, torchic, turtwig and a squirtle as well.)


Because Pokemon Black doesn't have those pokemon. *Sad but true fact*

So, if anyone has any of those PKMN, would you be willing to trade with lil' ol' me? D:>

I may not have THE greatest pokemon, but, hey, what can you do? (though I DO have all of the other starters if ya need 'em!)

Not picky with natures or anything of that stuff.
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